Short introduction of the project

Terms of the assignment include:

‘A “mural style graphic” to fill the campus side entrance in the basement of Tower C (this area is painted orange at present. You will need to consider that this space will be multi-purpose. Please consider that 3 A0 portrait size posters will be placed in this space throughout the year for promotional or information purposes. So try and plan that your graphic can include 3 A0 sized posters that may temporally be placed into this space. So to clarify design your image to include provision for placeholder space.’


Following the requirements of the assignment, I planned my graphic in fresh, bright and a little bit childish colours, in order to achieve an optimistic presence in the room. Dark colours would close the space in the room and definitely are not suitable for working professional space.

Also, I included a scanned fingerprint of mine as a symbolic association. Good results of professional work can represent us everywhere, as our fingerprint acts as an identity.

Then I created the hand written message with a hint of an invitation, please leave you(r) print here (or ‘you print here’). It is a direct invitation to do good professional work which can be shown proudly on the wall of the room.

The word ‘here’ is connected with a spread (explosion) of colours in order to express the inspiration and impact of a good idea, and the moment of discovery for the creator.

I also put all of these elements on the background of a paper texture to allow association with writing and creating on paper, as a traditional way for developing an idea. The building and the working space in the building in fact are such a ‘paper’ environment, where we do just as we do on paper. This paper background also provides an open  space to allow three posters to be hung in the middle, and to serve as background for them too.

I am still refining the idea, and woud like to improve it if possible within the assignment deadline. I am critical to the colour flow and I believe I can make it look better.